5 out of 5 stars. This is a story that peaks your interest and doesn't stop until the end. This is high fantasy on the go with green lights all timed right...This is a fast paced, mind twisting, futuristic fantasy book with some harsh language to boot. So enjoy it because you'll read through it quick to see how it ends.
Mary Ellen "MES" (Virginia)

...a kick-ass action and fantasy novel...the novel was pretty addictive: the rush of the action makes the reader want to keep turning the page. This book is a yes for thrill-seekers...
E. Chan (New York)

If you're into fantasy and adventure this book is for you...
M. Stanhope (Chesapeake, VA)

A tale of adventure for both fantasy fans and fantasy newbies, "The Outcome of Sin" emerges for the masses...With a cast of characters you won't soon forget, and real world dialogue (warning for the kiddies!), one can't help but get swept up in the future world revolting from science that exists in "The Outcome of Sin". Author Margret Treiber exposes the levels man will stoop to when things are at their darkest as well as the heights to which we can soar with the proper motivation....happy reading!
G. Reba (Panama City, FL)

Action packed...I found this book to be a great read and a real page turner. I sat down and read half the book before I knew it. I would definitely recommend this book. Now that I have finished it, my daughter can't wait to read it.
Lonna H. (Chesapeake, Va)